RUSSIAN ARTIST Vladimir Domničev

Russian artist Vladimír Domničev was born in Ivanov, near Moscow. He achieved his Msc. and later PhD. degree at Academy of Technical Engineering in Moscow, altough he was always more interested in art, to which he was strongly commited since childhood.

He got his first art schooling in Ivanov, under the guidance of painter Fedorov. During his studies, Domničev was in a direct contact with avantgarde artists from Moscow, who were forming his artistic expression. At the turn of the second and third millenium, Domničev left Russia and settled in Prague, which charmed him with its athmosphere and is still inspiring him in his work. Domničev was granted a Czech citizenship and domestic and domestic and foreign collectors got interested in his paintings. He has presented his paintings on multiple exhibitions in various towns and the demand for his exceptional paintings is constantly increasing.

Roots of his artistic inspirations run deep, they can be traced back to the authors of European modernism. His favourites are Pierre Auguste Renoir, but also Jackson Pollock. He is very suggestive in his artistic expression and moves from impressionistic notion to an expressive gesture. His artistic statement is an expression of internal states of a person, whose senses and emotions are affected by the external world. He uses his own technique of working with spatula. He not only applies and layers the paint with spatula, often in thick layers to maintain the paint´s plasticity, but he also wipes and scrapes it. This special technique, together with an unmistakable style joins in high and already proven artistic value of his works.


  • 2012 Galerie ARTisti&Co Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 2013 Galerie Harfa, Prague, Czech Reublic
  • 2014 Slovak technical museum, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2015 SCS – Vienna, Austria
  • 2016 Slovak National Theatre – SND, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 2017 Alicante, Spain
  • 2018 Orchard Gallery Ostrava
  • 2018 Manes Gallery, Prague